scintillae – play and learning in the digital age is an experimental research project on play and learning in the digital age, fruit of a collaboration between the Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi e The LEGO Foundation

scintillae aims to create and offer contexts where the expressive potential of play and digital tools generate ideas, connections and new knowledge. The project is based on the assumption that the playful dimension is part of every day learning and that children actively build, through reciprocity and sharing, a model of the world through play. In our digital age, scintillae represents a learning context characterized by a natural and playful approach to digital technology, where the physical and digital worlds interact, creating unexpected and unusual encounters for learning, designing and building knowledge and images together.

scintillae is also an active research space, a virtual meeting-place where researchers and educators from all over the world can meet, encouraging peer-to-peer connections,collaborations and networks.

In the environment created at the International Center, there are unstructured and tangible physical, natural and industrial materials, together with digital technology, computers, tablets, webcams, microscopes, programming software, LEGO prototypes and others developed with MIT Media Lab di Boston.

The materials foster the creation of original situations and stories, and digital tools give life to these creations. Cooperation between participants, playing and designing together, learning by doing and computational thinking will ignite the “scintillae” between analog and digital worlds, creating a new world and “digital material” with its own naturalness.

Not only are people involved with the computational sphere, but plants as well. These living entities are characterized by sophisticated programming, and inhabit the scintillae space so their life can be closely observed.

© ZPZ Partners

© ZPZ Partners