Each activity proposed by the Reggio Children Foundation is designed for children and young people, together with teachers, parents, grandparents or babysitters who want to experiment with materials, thoughts and spaces at home in a relaxed but meaningful way.
The duration is not given, the timing is open. These activities can for last an hour or an entire afternoon, they can be continued tomorrow or last for weeks, changing, mixing with other games and activities. It depends on you.

In this section you will find a series of activities developed to support children’s explorations with digital and non-digital tools, which you can use as teaching activities.
These educational proposals were designed by scintillae with an exploratory, critical and creative approach to digital technology, where the ideas of children and young people give rise to unexpected and unusual opportunities for learning and building new knowledge and imagery, thanks to the encounter and interaction between the physical and the digital worlds.

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Transforming the real with the digital

Learn to look at the world with different eyes, re-interpreting and reworking it using digital tools.

(6 / 14 years old)

Bodies in motion between the real and the virtual

Dance, climb, clap to the beat or move your pawn. The body learns by moving, playing, orienting and perceiving itself in a space.

(8 / 14 years old)

Traces in movement

Drawing between the real and the virtual thanks to characters and objects brought to life by body movement

(8 / 14 years old)

Characters in search of a story

Create and bring a story to life with fantastic characters

(8 / 14 years old)

Alphabets of shapes / household collections

Collect shapes, details and images from reality using the camera of a smartphone or tablet

(from age 3 up)