Mondi Favolosi

(Fantastic Worlds)

participants: children aged 9-11 years (Rebecca, Giulia, Angelica, Elisa, Emilia, Marlene, Paolo, Samuele)
atelieristas: Simona, Federica, Jennifer

Duration: 60 minutes

memory and personal experiences

# reflection

# time

# augmented space

In this proposal children are invited to create characters from objects at home. Simona, the atelierista, invites children to suggest a characteristic of an object to look for and to propose to the group.around them, in their own houses.

Then Elisa suggests:

 “a gift from a friend who was on holiday.”

When she shares her object, Angelica brings a canvas:

“I found this canvas that a friend of mine gave me, and I didn’t know what to draw on. But being afraid of making a mistake I always draw on regular paper, and I haven’t used this one yet.”

This experience highlights the desire to share stories and personal experiences facilitated by the private and intimate space at home. Ata distance, as in presence, it is fundamental to keep the subjectivity of each participant at the centre, suggesting that the richness of everyone becomes heritage of the group.