Brif, Bruf, Braf

participants: Laura, Giulia,
Atelierista: Simona

Time: 90 minutes

intimate space and importance of the case

# unexpected event

# curiosity

# subjectivity


In the Brif Bruf Braf worskhop the story of Rodari is proposed to the group to be reinterpreted in a different way. In trying to find another language to interpret the story, Laura suggests the musical language because she found a whistle left there by her son on the desk. Simona, who leads, supports Laura’s intuition by suggesting that the context within which they can act also includes the environment that everyone has around them, in their own houses.


“It was here by chance…”


“Everything you have around you can be part of your story…”

the webcam as a “place”

# augmented space

# playful attitude

# intelligences

During the exploration of the “media” context in which
the group is living the experience of the online workshop, somebody discovers the“cinematographic” possibilities of the digital tool (the webcam) that allows to cut parts of the body, highlighting others.

To Oliver, who shows his intuition to the group, this possibility recalls the world of “puppets”,
bringing the tool (the webcam) closer to a place, that of the scenic representation. The group approves and Laura tries to do the same.


“The webcam is a gorgeous place because you can play with puppets!”