Biciclette Fantastiche

Imaginary Bicycles

participants: children aged 6-7 years (Dante, Matilde, Giulia, Tancredi) and parents (Teresa, Debora) atelieristas: Simona, Jennifer Duration: 90 minuti

collaboration as a strategy to overcome obstacles

# scaffolding

# agreements

# challenge

In this workshop, an unexpected event makes it impossible for some children to move the elements necessary to create an imaginary group bike. This gives the opportunity for a collaboration between children. Tancredi, the only one who can move the elements, accepts the invitation of the atelierista to help the other members of the group.


“What do you need to put over there?”


“The chain!”

Mathilde’s mother:

“We can’t move it. Can you?”




“I would use this as my handlebars…”

Out of a setback and thanks to the collaboration while using the digital tools a co-design process starts, based on both what to create (the bicycle) and on how to do it on a shared digital platform.


“You can do it without a chain… and we push the bike with our hands…”


“I had the same idea, instead of using the chain, we can use our hand to push the bike.”

Simona (atelierista):

“What else does it take to make this bike?”



“The wheels? I might as well use three!”