When I have an idea, a scintilla goes up

Francesca, 8.5 y.o.

scintillae is a space dedicated to exploration and research on play and learning in the digital age, open to children, adults of all ages, teachers, educators, researchers.

scintillae is a research project promoted by the Reggio Children Foundation – Loris Malaguzzi Centre and the LEGO Foundation.

Workshop online

Ongoing research on online play and learning experiencesIn February 2020, during the first months of the COVID-19 emergency, scintillae - with a multidisciplinary team from Fondazione Reggio Children (link) and Remida, the Creative Recycling Center (link) - started to...

LEGO® Braille Bricks at scintillae!

 On the occasion of the National Braille Day, which takes place yearly on February 21 - at the Panizzi Library in Reggio Emilia, the first LEGO Braille Bricks kits were delivered. They were donated by The LEGO Foundation to the Garibaldi Regional Blind and Visually...

A new research project on play: Inventive Games by Children for Children

Children play every day, all over the world, at home, at school, at parks and playgrounds, in streets and squares, in the city, in the country, in large groups, small groups or even individually. But often their play goes unnoticed, unappreciated, undervalued. The...

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scintillae is open to the public, booking required. We are located at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, Viale Ramazzini 72/A, in Reggio Emilia.

To leave a message, request more information or book your visit, please go to contact us. To see the calendar of events visit openings.



The Foundation Reggio Children – Loris Malaguzzi Centre was established with the aim to promote solidarity projects through research, improving children’s and communities’ life through the promotion of a quality education in Reggio Emilia, in Italy and worldwide.

A research that takes form whenever original learning processes occur, open to dialogue with important partners, at a local and global level, interested to the educational area, to childhood themes, to the promotion of children’s rights.

The LEGO Foundation aims to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow; a mission that it shares with the LEGO Group. The LEGO Foundation is dedicated to building a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners. It is dedicated to re-defining play and re-imagining learning. In collaboration with thinkers, influencers, educators and parents, the LEGO Foundation aims to equip, inspire and activate champions for play.