Workshop online

Ongoing research on online play and learning experiences

In February 2020, during the first months of the COVID-19 emergency, scintillae – with a multidisciplinary team from Fondazione Reggio Children (link) and Remida, the Creative Recycling Center (link) – started to experiment with new ways of distance learning through a series of unprecedented online workshops for children, teens and adults. Some values and insights guided the first pilot explorations.
The research then moved forward with these goals:

– to assess the importance and effectiveness of co-design practice, with both adults and children, in order to create meaningful experiences online;

– confirm, revise or discover new theories about play and group learning in digitally mediated experiences;

– develop theoretical and conceptual premises that underpin the process of creating online experiences, analyzing and defining key elements in relation to the Reggio Emilia educational approach.

For this research, 14 online workshops were conducted in 2020, you can find here the documentation.