A new research project on play: Inventive Games by Children for Children

Children play every day, all over the world, at home, at school, at parks and playgrounds, in streets and squares, in the city, in the country, in large groups, small groups or even individually. But often their play goes unnoticed, unappreciated, undervalued.

The project “Inventive Games by Children for Children” puts children’s actions and voices at the center, as their play supports them in gaining knowledge and experience and creating meaning and understanding of the world around them. An archive of 18 observed and documented play experiences, together with a short documentary that features interviews with children about their ideas on play, will hopefully offer parents, educators, teachers a new way of observing and considering children’s play.

This project is promoted by Fondazione Reggio Children and based on an idea by Jennifer Coe, atelierista and collaborator.


Children build their own intelligence. Adults need to provide them with activities and context, and above all, they need to be able to listen

Loris Malaguzzi